Minushu's privacy policy

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This is the Privacy Policy of the company Minushu S.L.U and its application 'Nushu'.

By accessing and/or using the app 'Nushu' or subscribing to our mailing list, you signify your understanding of and agreement with this Privacy Policy If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, do not use the app 'Nushu' and do not sign up for our newsletter.

This privacy policy is effective from 1st December 2016 and was last updated on December 5th, 2016. Minushu S.L.U may change the Privacy Policy at any time as we add new or different features, or as the law changes.

Minushu solely collects anonymous information through the app 'Nushu' in order to know if it works and to improve it. It doesn't collect any kind of children's personal data.
However, the developer of the app, Minushu, keeps the e-mail and the name of the adults that voluntarily subscribed to our newsletter to be informed of our new products and services, or those people who contact us directly. If you want to unsubscribe from our database or newsletter, send an email to info@minushu.com.

Personal information can be used on its own or with other information to identify a single person. An e-mail or a name are considered personal information. We just keep these two data of adults who have voluntarily subscribed to our newsletter to be informed of our new products and services, or those who contact us directly.
If you want to unsubscribe from our database or newsletter, send an email to info@minushu.com.
To organize and manage the database, which is registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, we use Typeform, which in turn uses Google Forms and Zapier.

Anonymous information allows us to know if the app is working correctly. It doesn't provide us enough data to identify a person. 'Nushu' app doesn't collect personal information of any kind.
To collect this information, we use Unity Analytics. You can find more information about this service here. Unity stores this anonymous data to an Amazon server. You can find more information about this service here.
To see if the application works properly, we store data on:

  • number of active users

  • the length of each session

  • how often does a user play with the application

  • the countries and cities where the app is downloaded (we just track cities and countries, not the exact location of the device)

  • which operating systems do the devices that use 'Nushu' have

  • what kind of devices and what models are using the app

  • the times a mission has been downloaded

  • how long does it take for a use to finish a mission

  • how many times does a user trigger a target and when does the interaction end

  • These data are not public, they are collected for internal use purposes.
    We do not knowingly contact or collect information from children under 13 without the permission of their parent/guardians.
    If by any chance a child would contact us directly without us knowing their age, parents or legal tutors should send an e-mail to info@minushu.com to explain us the situation. We would then proceed to erase the child's data or to store it accordingly after receiving proper consent.
    We recognize the importance of safeguarding the privacy of children and encourage parents to check and monitor their children's use of online activities regularly. We can't be held responsible if, by external causes that the developer hasn't considered or are out of its control, we would receive personal data from a child, since it is the parents or legal tutors' responsibility to monitor their child's activities.

    The information collected by Minushu is not made public. Access to data is restricted to company's employees who need it to work, and also to services we use to collect the information needed to improve our app.
    We may disclose your personal or nonpersonal information to additional parties if we are required to by law, by a judicial proceeding, to protect Minushu's rights and properties, or to investigate fraud, intellectual property infringement, and any other conduct that might be illegal or expose Minushu or a user of its services to legal liability. In addition, Minushu may disclose your information in the event of a change or proposed change in the ownership of the company; for example, a sale, a merger, or bankruptcy.

    The Augmented Reality application 'Nushu' is possible thanks to the fact that there are companies, organizations or institutions that sponsor missions and adventures of the protagonist. Each advertiser chooses which of the missions that we want to publish sponsor. The adverts showcased in 'Nushu' are suitable for children and don't go against the General Law on Advertising of Spain.
    These ads are not clickable. Minushu doesn't include content or ads that may redirect the child outside of the app.
    We also want to stress that the adverts are the same for all users. Minushu doesn't take personal data from children to craft customized advertising.

    There aren't links in the application 'Nushu' that can lead the user to third party websites. The ads aren't interactive (they can't be clicked), and don't lead to any external site.

    The data obtained through the application 'Nushu' and personal data to be transferred voluntarily Minushu stored until it sees fit, to provide good service.
    If you want to delete your information, send an email to info@minushu.com.

    Our app is directed to children who are under 13 years old, so we do not collect personal information, do not put ads in the app that are not appropriate for the audience we aim for, and the ads are not personalized as stated in the Organic Law on data Protection (LOPD) of Spain and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) of the United States.